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24 April 2011

Saturday post...on Sunday :)

This was actually written on Saturday, but our Internet connection cut out before I could write or post. Grrr…. Sad to say I always feel lost when I have no Internet. Even if I wasn’t planning on going online, just the thought that I can’t makes my heart pound faster. I wonder what that says about me.

Busy Saturday. Got up earlier than I wanted to. DD had volunteered to take photographs of sports events at her High School so I had to get up to take her to school. She enlisted the help of a friend who we had to go pick up.

I cleaned, did laundry, sorted out some more stuff, and watched some Hoarders on Netflix (before outage). Watching Hoarders makes me feel like cleaning. Oh and watched a couple episodes of Extreme Couponing that I had on DVR. Can you say OMG?????? One of the ladies I understood. She purchased what she needed and used coupons to get really good deals. The other people had stockpiles of products in their houses. It was like watching Hoarders but for organised shoppers. Those people had more than anybody could use in one lifetime. They may pay next to nothing, but they are still wasting money if they don’t end up using the product. I must add that one guy who seemed a little obsessive did actually donate some product to charity.

I am trying to be better and get our budget under control. I know times are tough but for our family we’ve never had it better. For a long time DH was the only one working and he wasn’t earning much so budgeting was really, really important. I had more time on my hands and could coupon (not to the extreme) and cook a lot more home cooked meals. Now we are both working full time and DH’s job pays more than double what it did when the kids were little. I have a lot less time and it’s worth way more to me now. I tend not to care so much about budget and am tired a lot more of the time.

My longtime goal is to go to part time and concentrate on what is important in our lives. All sorts of things are getting out of control. Sadly part time will have to wait until the kids are done with Uni and all my dental work is done (I carry all the insurance for us all). Keeping my eye on the goal and trying to stay positive…..Have to toddle off to bed, 2.45am looms large.

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