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17 April 2011

Cross Stitch sort out.

So, books aren’t my only collection. I used to stitch a LOT more and bought LOTS of patterns and fabric. I realise that it isn’t only time to sort out books but cross-stitch too.

Wow, I sorted through quite a lot and have a whole stack to list on Ebay. These are things I know that I’ll never stitch and I have little ambition to do so. There are a ton more that I know I’ll never stitch but I have to think before I let go of them. The cross-stitch mags will be next. I have a whole lot of British ones.

I will work on listing them tomorrow. I had to work today. Groan. Found out that both my back-ups are leaving right around the time I'm going on holiday. I don't care. I have booked the trip and am leaving. I'm letting the bad feelings go - I won't feel bad about taking vacation. I'm not going to worry about it. They have two months to find appropriate people to do my job while I am gone on a much needed (and if I do say so myself - well deserved) holiday.

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