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08 April 2011

Time Flies when you have an Uneventful Life...

Can't believe it's been a while since I posted. Updates - had another dentist appointment. Yuck. Had to have some fillings and a crown. I did okay. Certainly helps that they prescribe me Xanax before I go. Work - is work. Okay I suppose. Spring Break for DD this week. Didn't end up doing a lot. She said some of her friends were going out of town. I felt kind of bad but she is coming with me to England this summer and that trip is expensive enough. I booked our tickets - can't wait. It's something to look forward to and it helps motivate me to get up for work every morning. Been sick with tummy bug since Sunday - finally feeling better today - that doesn't help when having to get up for work every day. Royal Wedding - why is it when someone is English everyone assumes you are interested in the royal wedding? Ultimate question - are you going back for it? NO!!! There are lots of reasons for me to go home, but the Royal Wedding isn't one of them lol. Will write more tomorrow. Got a sudden urge to write. Also going to check out Pagan Blog Prompts and see what's up there.

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