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09 March 2013

Beautiful Blanket

I took daughter over to MIL's to say hi today.  Daughter will be heading back to university tomorrow so we stopped in so she could at least say hi.  Daughter also stopped in at Great Aunt Betty's house.  Daughter spent last summer helping take care of her and being a companion to her as Aunt B is well into her 90s.  Aunt B was so happy to see Daughter.  Surprising what joy a short visit could bring!

MIL handed me a beautiful blanket she had crocheted for me to keep me warm after my surgery.  So thoughtful!  It's really big and the colours remind me of Spring.  I am so thankful to have such a great MIL.  She finished the blanket while recovering from eye surgery!  How sweet is that?

Daughter is being busy too -  she decided she wanted to make lotion and bubble bath before leaving.  She is running out of time to do all the things she has planned lol.

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