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08 March 2013

It's Friday!

My second day off work of my looong weekend.  Very nice.  I actually got to sleep more than the 5 1/2 hours that I usually do.  Daughter and I went out shopping.  There were some thrift stores she wanted to check out.  She's a poor college student and needs (wants) to replenish her wardrobe.  We found a few shirts that were really cheap.  There are only a few thrift shops in town nothing like the charity shops in England (we can only dream!).  One was horrible.  It felt really dirty.  The others were clean and well organised, but there is nothing worse than a dirty place to shop.

While we were out and about we stopped off at Hobby Lobby.  I was armed with my 40% off one item coupon and ended up picking up a stamp.  I fell in love with Tim Holtz stamps - I would have bought more but rather pricey and I have to start to watch my pennies a little more.  I got my paperwork back from doctor today and my back-to-work date is June 10th!  I'm pretty sure that's a conservative estimate, but still longer than I thought.

Anyway - posted below examples of Tim Holtz stamps.  He does have a website  Check it out - interesting!

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