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14 March 2013

Dentist and Surgery

I had my dentist appointment today to have my temp bridge changed to the permanent one.  Yikes.  It wasn't fun.  Took about hour and half taking it out, adjusting it, putting it back in.  My mouth was sensitive when they put the cold on it.  Now it's hurting a little.  Ouch.  Glad it's over.  I think this was worse than actually having it done - or it could be the lack of numbing or Xanax.

My surgery is tomorrow.  I'm only a little nervous.  It's early in the morning so at least not hours to think about it.

My kids are such fun - my daughter calls me from Uni asking how my dentist appoint went and chats for a little while.  Says she just wants to talk to me in case something happens tomorrow.  Wants to make sure we had a good conversation.  Made me lol.

My older son (before going to work) asks about the surgery and what time we'll be back.  He then goes on to tell me that he was reading something last week and I'd be surprised by the number of cases there are where the doctor leaves something behind in a patient during surgery.

LOL.  No, they aren't scaring me.  Find it kinda funny.

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