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03 January 2012

2012 Goals

I've been thinking about these for a few days.  These are things I would like to do this year, goals I would like to attain.  It isn't a long list.  I'm not into making resolutions that I break after a few weeks (learned that lesson well!) but there are goals I try to reach.

The year I turned 30 I wanted to learn how to drive - something I was extremely nervous about.  I'd tried learning one time before with my hubby and it hadn't worked out well.  I had actually ending up hitting something at the entrance to the place we used to live (yikes!).  That put me right off.  The year I turned 30 I hired an instructor and passed my test - haven't looked back since!

The year I turned 40 I wanted to make sure I went back to the dentist.  I have a terrible fear of the dentist and hadn't been for quite a few years.  I needed a lot of work done - still have some left to do - but I have found a dentist I like and am plodding along quite steadily. 

There isn't really a big goal this year but a few smaller ones.

* Buy a lot less books.  Dramatically downsize my book collection.  Sounds really easy?  Not.  Books are my one addiction.  I buy them.  I like reading, but I also love going into a bookstore (new or used) and wandering around, looking at covers and  reading the blurbs.  Books are like good friends.  If I find one I love I can go back and read it again and again.  The problem is that I have too many of them and I really need to downsize.  I do have a kindle, but - see above - there is something about bookshops that a kindle can't replace!

* Do better with a budget.  There are a couple of big occasions this year that we need to save a LOT of money for - DD is graduating High School, Mum is coming over from England and we'd like to do some running around, I want to go back to England later in Autumn and DD is hoping to go on a trip with her Peace Jam club at school to Peru.  There is also work that needs to be done on the house.  Sigh.  Major budget requirements.

* Food - do better with food budget, meal planning and eating healthier. 

* Become more in touch with my beliefs.  There is a Pagan group in the area.  I would love to get up the courage to go to a meeting.  I am quite shy and don't really like meeting new people.  This would be a MAJOR step for me. 

So four things but each one quite involved.  I will be happy to take small steps forward and hopefully not too many steps backwards.

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