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13 January 2012

Snow Happens....again

Yup it snowed.  DD was happy because it was a SNOW DAY!  She got to go back to bed, sleep some extra, laze about in her PJs and is now on the couch reading a book.  Perfect Day.

I, on the other hand, got up at my usual 2.40am, looked out the window and groaned.  Car covered in Snow.  Yuck.  SURPRISE!  My middle DS was outside shovelling the driveway, brushing off my car and warming it up!  OMG!  Just when I'm ready to clobber him he does something very sweet. 

Still snowing.  I'm now curled in my car, watching Cold Case on the telly and reading.  I took a couple snow pics - nothing spectacular - will post tomorrow.

No work tomorrow. 

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