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19 January 2012


Sigh.  I have a dentist appointment today.  I hate going to the dentist.  I have a phobia about going to the dentist.  It is so bad that fear kept me from going to the dentist a LONG time.  I found a new dentist last year and have been going for about 13 months.  I had to have a lot of work done so going has become a regular thing.  I still don't like it.  I worry about it for days and the fear is like a knot in my stomach.  The fear is worse than the actual appointment.  Once I am in the chair and the appointment has begun I am not so bad.  The new dentist I go to is all women and they are all very friendly and understand my fear.  I usually take Xanex before I go - yep it's that bad!  I rarely take any drugs/medication of any kind so it's big for me.  Sigh.  It's only a cleaning and exam.  It's not the pain I fear but I hate the water in my mouth - feels like I'm drowning and drowning is my worst nightmare.  It's the reoccurring dream I have when worried/stressed.

Sigh.  I will get through this.  I will get through this. 

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