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19 January 2012

Dentist update

I survived. 

Snow started about 7.30 am and was coming down fast and blowing like crazy.  You know how much I hate to drive in the snow lol.  Luckily I had asked hubby if he could take a couple hours off work to run me to the dentist.  If I cancelled wasn't sure when/if I would reschedule.

Glad I had him drive.  Could hardly see in front of the car.  He doesn't mind it.  He grew up here in Michigan and learned to drive in the snow. 

Appointment went okay.  It was over in a little more than an hour.  I have a reprieve of about 4 weeks before I have to go back for some fillings.  Sigh.  Hopefully sometime I'll be done.

On another note - I did sort out some books - eleven in all.  Nine went to and 2 will be donated to the library.  Going to try the same thing tomorrow.

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