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12 January 2012

Snow is coming!!! The Sky is falling!

Crazy at work today (because of snow).  The main story on the local news is the 'maybe-coming' snow storm - how much will we get?  How long will it last?  What does this mean?  What will be closed? 

Enough already!!  I'm a kind of wait-and-see gal.  If it happens, it happens.  Until it does I won't be speculating.  We always keep extra food on hand.  The family maybe won't be thrilled about what they are eating - but they will be eating.  Besides it's not as if nothing will be open.  We live 5 minutes walk from the store and it is ALWAYS open. 

It has started snowing so I will pull out my horrible old boots, get my scarf ready and be prepared to walk up to work tomorrow.

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