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09 January 2012

Feeling a little Sad

Found out yesterday that one of our regular customers killed himself last Thursday.  Apparently he hanged himself.  Find myself thinking about it often.  He was a nice man, friendly and always seemed chipper though he had lost his mother just before the holidays. He had been her caretaker.  Apparently there were issues with his family too.  I can't help feeling he must have been in a terrible place.  I can't help thinking about the last time I saw him and perhaps I should have chatted a little more.

A few years ago my middle son was having problems in school.  I was really worried then that he would hurt himself or someone else.  We got through it with the help of a wonderful counsellor.  We were going to see him once, sometimes twice a week for years and finally he seems to be doing better.I guess the whole thing is bringing up memories of the past. 

D must have been in terrible pain.  I hope he found the peace he was looking for.

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