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18 January 2012


I have updated my 100 books in 2012 page. 

However...I am not doing so well on sorting through the books I have.  I find it really hard to get rid of them.  It is like discarding a good friend.  Someday I might want to re-read that book and then what would I do?  I have a Kindle and am trying to replace some of my sort-of favourite books with digital versions.  It just isn't the same though.  I can pick up a book and read the back blurb just to remind myself what the book is about, but with a digital copy I can't do that.  I do have a goal however - I need to get things sorted before Mum comes to visit. 

This evening I sorted a whole 3 books - 1 to donate to library and I added 2 to my account.  My goal for tomorrow will be to sort another 5.  Slow baby steps.  I know, I know, this sounds really bad but if my only addiction is books it can't be too bad - right?

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