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08 July 2012

Cooling down and other Sunday natterings

It's cooler today - only 86F (30C).  Still hot but a relief after the past few days.  It's supposed to be cooler at night time so it will be easier to sleep.

Worked today but not a lot else.  Came home and put my foot up.  Have a Drs appointment on Wednesday.  Ankle is still hurting so not sure whether this boot thing will come off or I'll be stuck with it longer. 

Got some more pics to share.  These are from our trip to Holland, Michigan.  There is such a nice beach there, though the weather was quite hot and sand was ultra hot.  Mum and I walked along to where the lighthouse was.  I only went so far as the walkway out there had no barriers on either side and I'm not too fond of the whole water thing so I was chicken and only went so far as where the barrier ended.  I waited there for Mum to come back.  While I was there I saw a mother bird and her babes in the water  - so cute I had to take pics.  They were swimming their way around the rocks.  Such a beautiful sight. 

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