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25 July 2012

Doctor's appoint

Yeah!  Went to the Doc's this morning and I can 'wean myself off the foot brace'.  Does this mean I can run around the room jumping up and down?  I would - if my ankle wasn't still in pain.  She showed me where the tendon was damaged and that bit doesn't hurt half as much as my ankle - apparently where the bone bruise is.  Anyway now it's just a matter of strengthening my ankle, doing ankle exercises and putting up with the pain.  I go back in five weeks.  She said the other option was physical therapy, but really, I can't see spending a bunch of money on something I could probably do myself.  A therapist came in and showed me what to do and it's not rocket science.

I did put on a shoe - which felt really strange after four weeks - and walked around the bookstore.  Ow.  Not sure what I'm going to do for work tomorrow.  I might take the brace with me and see how it goes without.

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