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21 July 2012

I am addicted to...

...American Colony.  This is a tv show on the US channel National Geographic.  It is about a Hutterite colony.  I wasn't even sure what this was.  Apparently the people who live in this colony (there are 54 of them all related) hold strict traditions - there is 'man' work and 'women' work.  The women don't wear trousers and they have to cover their hair.  Few of them seem to finish High School and most seem to leave school when they are 15 or so.  The show is really interesting - despite how old fashioned their roles are they all seem to have cell phones and computers. 

The funniest episode was when Wesley was told he had to change his habits and decided to cook a healthy meal with his cousin. They cooked tofu and the looks on the other colony members' faces were hilarious. 

My favourite character has to be Bertha.  She's an older woman but she seems a bit of a rebel.  She ended up being shunned for letting her son play sports and go to school.  Her daughter, Claudia, is a rebel too.  Check it out if you can!

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