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01 July 2012

More holiday talk.

When my Mum was over we went up to Northern Michigan.  It's really beautiful up there.  I was apprehensive about going over the bridge - I have a thing about going over water - but it was really worth it.  The views were spectacular.  I have more pics to share.  Sometimes it's hard to think of the memories as my Mum is back in England and I miss her, but I know I should think of the good times AND I plan a trip over to visit her in October so it's really not so far away.

The weather up north was beautiful.  We had a bit of a heatwave with temps reaching 90+ F - quite hot to Munising.  We all came away with lots of colour. 

The pictures are of Mackinaw Bridge. The first two were taken before crossing the Bridge the second two were taken from our trip over to Mackinaw Island. 

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