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13 July 2012

Little bit of everything

Foot update - had Drs appointment.  Go for MRI on Monday.  Hopefully they can say what is wrong.  Just want it to stop hurting.  On a (not so) funny sidenote - the woman who is working the desk at work this week broke her foot and is in a cast and boot.  That makes 3 of us at work.  Hopefully that's it.

Mum update - talked to Mum today.  She said she had gone down to the waterfront in Ipswich to watch the Olympic torch go by.  Wish I could have been there.  She's staying away from London while the Olympics are on - can't say I blame her.

Reading update - despite not adding any books to my reading lists, I have been reading quite a lot.  I was well pleased with all the books I sorted out before my Mum came.  Wish I had taken a before and After pic of bedroom as it looks 1000% better than it used to.  I am adding some books to the Read list.  I will hit the goal by the end of the year.  I'm on a bit of a mystery kick right now. 

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