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20 July 2012

MRI update

Had my MRI on my ankle on Monday.  Wow, that was an experience.  The machine is the tunnel thingy but my whole body didn't go inside just my foot.  They put headphones on you but the machine is really loud.  There is a WOP WOP WOP noise and then something like a machine gun sound (or the sound kids make when imitating one lol).  The technician kept telling me how long each test would last.  I felt something - probably the vibrations on my ankle. 

When I was back in the room where my valuables were being kept there was a guy naked except for the paper bottoms.  The technician was stifling a laugh as he said that the guy didn't need to be naked he just needed to wear the paper trousers as the zipper on regular ones would interfere with the machine.  I SO didn't need to see that!

Got the results too - I have a bone bruise and a partial tear in my tendon.  Guess that's why my ankle is still bothering me.  Luckily it is usually healed without surgery.  I just have to wear the boot a bit longer.  Oh well.  At least now I know what's wrong. 

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