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23 March 2011

Getting Crafty...

Well I did some stitching Saturday and...well, that was it. Hope to get more done by end of week. Sunday I had to go to work and it was my FIL's b'day so went over for cake and ice cream. My MIL outdid herself with three...yes three, cakes. There were only seven of us there. Yikes. We brought cake back with us and are still eating it!!!

On Saturday Morning my DD and I actually did something crafty. She had picked out a lotion and bubble bath kit. We made some up. Tried out the bubble bath and it was surprisingly good. See pics below.

We used approximately half of each so containers are not quite full. It was a fun thing to do, picking scents and colours. The small tin I ended up taking to work. This project got me somewhat energised and I pulled out some of my candle-making things.

I used to make some creams and lip balms from scratch. I'm trying to get DD to try it out but she wants to stick to the kits for now!

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