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19 March 2011

Saturday - Storm Moon.

According to my Llwellyn's Datebook today is the Storm Moon. A Storm moon is, according to weather folklore, the moon which occurs in March during shifting weather patterns in the northern hemisphere. It is also called seed moon, moon of winds, crow moon, and moon of the snow-blind. I looked the second part up online, so if it's wrong my boo-boo.

Now - that out of the way - how did I do with my Wednesday things? Well, the only thing I didn't do was clean off the top of my dresser which, sadly, still resembles a hilltop.

Had some ups and downs - more downs than ups. Feeling quite melancholy despite the sunshine. Work is getting me down, being tired is getting me down and I just feel like a good old moan.

On the plus side below are some pictures of the Chocolate Chip cookies my DD made. They were REALLY good and quite addicting.

She also made a cake too though it was from a mix and didn't look half as good as the cookies!

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