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15 March 2011

Goals for Wild and Wacky Wednesday (my day off).

Okay, it’s Tuesday and my workday is done which means tomorrow is a DAY OFF. I’m going to post my goals for the day and maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually get something done. This won’t actually include the normal day-off things (such as grocery shopping, cleaning etc). This is a small (probably very small) list of ‘extras’ I’d like to get done.

 10 books. I will sort them and get rid of them. I have a choice of Ebay, or donate them to our library bookshop. The trick of any of those is not to order/purchase any more!
 Cross stitch project. I will pick out a small one and pull everything I need to start. I will make sure it is by my chair and ready to reach for.
 Make cookies from scratch. DD has a half-day at High School so we’re making cookies.
 Clean top of dresser. Things are piling up and beginning to resemble a small hilltop.

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