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25 March 2011

It's Friday, Friday...

Got that song stuck in my head! You know the one - the Youtube sensation - worst song ever (so it's called!). Been listening to Scott Mills on BBC Radio One (check out his podcast - hilariously funny). They were pulling apart the song.

Anyway... Friday... not my favourite day of the week. It's Payday for those in our store who still have cheque cheques - which means basically cashing cheques from before we're open. MegaMillions jackpot really high - lots of people buying - majority happy, but there is always the one or two - one of whom I got about 6.30 this morning.

Day didn't start off well -

* Couldn't find debit card. Knew it was home, using it last night on the net but could I find it this am? Nope.
* Got up to work and my car door wouldn't close or lock. Managed to get it just shut so inside light not on but not locked. Took anything valuable out. Apparently lock frozen - darn cold at 3.30am. We've been playing musical cars and because I'm the first out I no longer have the garage.
* Hurt my finger last Sunday and hurting this morning. Starting to get infected. Woke up couple times last night as hurting.
* Got shouted at by some idiot at the lottery machine.
* Bookkeeping not going well and people nashing at the bit wanted cheques cashed.

And all this before 7am. I was glad when the work day was done!


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