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05 March 2011

Lazy Saturday Morning....

I got up later than usual - round about 8am. Yes, that's early, but it's late for me. I have to be able to go to bed tonight to get up for work tomorrow morning (2.45am early rise and shine!) so I try not to sleep in too late. I woke up around 5am but couldn't get out of bed so the cat and I just dozed lazily.

I was planning a lazy Saturday morning - curled up in a chair perhaps with a book and maybe watching a mystery or two. I got up, slipped in Midsomer Murders and... the power went out. S***, not again. No storm so what the heck happened? The day is dull and grey and not much daylight. Tried to read a little in the semi-darkness. We ended up giving up and going out to grab a couple things. That meant getting dressed and somewhat presentable instead of spending the day in sweats and a grotty shirt.

The power was still out when we came back but we did see the crews at the top of the street working on it. About 45 mins later the power came on. Thank goodness. We just got over spending 2 days without power a couple weeks ago. I had just replenished the freezer and such, really didn't need to lose any more food.

So now I am back to watching Midsomer Murders - oh my - there is a dead man in a tumble dryer. Wow!

Take care

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