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02 March 2011

So bad...

I'm terrible at this. I always have such good intentions of writing things down and then I get home and get stuff done around the house and then...well, I collapse and fall asleep. Must be a side affect from getting older. I do go on my computer everyday - I'm an addict, but I never seem to get around to posting. Perhaps I'm just not cut out for this blogging stuff. I do enjoy the writing and - when I remember to do it - I enjoy thinking things out on paper. This whole procrastination thing is not just something that seems to happen on this blog though - I carry it through into 'real' life. When I'm awake and at work I think about all the things to do when I'm home, all the projects I'll work on and - poof! - it all turns into dust when I do get home.

Well, what have I been up to? We survived the ice storm that hit the midwest. We lost power at home and at work. Sadly the work power-loss did not last as we have one generator to keep the essentials up and they called in another to get the rest of the stuff up and running and we all had to go into work. We were lucky enough at home not to sustain any house damage - did lose some food but glad that's all.

I think I'm going to figure out how to put reminders on the computer to remind me to post - kind of like an electronic sticky note.

Take care

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