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14 March 2011

Time change.

Okay someone needs to explain this time change thing to me. Springing Forward. It sounds so…happy, so pleasant, and so…nice. NOT! Whoever thought this thing up obviously didn’t have to think about how much sleep they would (or wouldn’t, in this case) get. It was probably a man, well off, someone who didn’t have to work or didn’t have to clock-watch.

I got up (groan) before the clocks actually changed. I have to be at work at 3.30am so I get up around 2.40am. On Sunday morning I got up at 1.40am and watched the clock go from 1.59am to 3.00am.

I had trouble all day – I couldn’t seem to stop yawning and the only thing I could think of as soon as I got up was going back to bed. It didn’t help that people-who-shall-remain-nameless (basically everyone!) kept waking me up. Telephone ring, dog bouncing, back door slamming, car lights blaring. Groan….

I was reading up on Daylight Savings, but I still don’t get it. The theory is that DST ‘makes’ the sun set one hour earlier and therefore we use less electricity. Okay. Apparently most energy used in homes is used in the evenings and every little bit will add up to lots of savings. It sounds good in theory. I still miss that one hour of sleep.

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